English to Brazilian Portuguese translator specializing in Subtitles, Games, and IT.

Are you looking for a professional translator with excellent Brazilian Portuguese grammar skills and a strong focus on quality?

You've found the right person.

I have translated, proofread, and quality checked more than 50,000 minutes of video, such as corporate instructions, learning courses, and entertainment for streaming websites, DVD, and TV.

Additionally, having worked in IT for over ten years, I understand how Information Technology companies and professionals in Brazil communicate. I know their lingo because I was one of them. With me, you will get a former Software Engineer with linguistic skills fully capable of understanding your technical documents and delivering a translation that can be understood by the target audience.



Disclaimer: All property belongs to its original owner.


  • Translator lead in a role-playing game translation project, responsible for creating glossary and style guide, and QA.

  • Translated a blockchain game article.

  • Quality checked a theatrical movie.

  • Presented a Brazilian Portuguese Team Alignment Webinar - 90 minutes x 2 sessions

  • Subtitled IT-related Video Content.

  • Translated a Colombian dark comedy thriller with an English template.

  • Quality checked a Korean drama based on a webtoon.

  • Translated a Mexican series with an English template.

  • Created Captions (transcripted subtitles) for courses in Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Quality checked an adult series for a major streaming company.


Taken from the feedback-card on Proz.com.